How to write a resume summary

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How to make a resume driving post) and your duties. (It is not necessary to specify ab7 All jobs are salient the employer is interested in about F7 10 years, a maximum of 10 years, so it’s best to limit most significant jobs for the selected your vacancies.) When describing your responsibilities, be sure to mention personal achievements in this position. Specify percent, volume, me7 tents, number of subordinates, attracted customers, etc. NOTE If you can submit letters of recommendation, briefly mention those about this in this section. The letters themselves can be brought with for an interview.

In section  “Professional skills” is indicated list up to 7 comprehensive knowledge. In this case,

specify those that are not7 most important in your profession, however they serve as an excellent supplement and show you as a comprehensively developed person. But, of course, carefully select only the information that is soot correspond to the desired position. If youoc cupied the post me7 sales team, your additional skills can serve, for example, marketing research experience, organization of advertising campaigns, etc. If you are applying for a must7 Secretary, then these skills will be the speed of the machine C, knowledge of office work, shorthand, possession of office equipment. Do not write that you are an experienced PC user. Point to 7 the title of the programs you work with, for example: PC knowledge: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CorelDRAW, PhotoShop, etc. The best phrases characterizing the level of knowledge of foreign language7 languages, can serve the following: “at a conversational level”, “ho7 roshie knowledge fluent That you speak the language of dictionary, you should not write. By the way, it’s nice to present a proof7 knowledge of foreign languages: name the documents, witness7 graduation courses, etc. In section  

“Education” points out differences during studies, topics, which you have worked especially and which have a direct attitude to this vacancy. However, this is only applicable for young people. breathing specialists. And in this case, this section is located in the 7 summary, because it is almost the only proof of their professionalism. ten Chapter 1. Without this, testing can be avoided. If you are not new to the labor market, then this section is not worth it. emphasize attention. Section “Personal qualities and additional information.” With ne7 Counting your personal qualities is best supported by their dock7. talent For example: Communication and open communication helped me to attract to cooperate with the company a large number of customers and partners. As for stress tolerance, it is also one of the most popular7 it’s better to present it as mentioned7 understanding that you have successfully solved the problems encountered in the work, requiring great concentration and quick deadlines? The same can be said about such quality as quick and easy learning7 the bridge By themselves, such formulations cost little. However if in the summary indicate that you have mastered the new equipment or any operations in a short time, this will be the best evidence your ability to quickly learn new things.