How to list references on a resume

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Compliance with a vacancy Resume does not have to be true. And why should he be? It simply must correspond to a specific vacancy: your experience, your skills everything must meet the requirements of the position that you consider as your new potential job. This is an important point, I’ll stop on this in more detail later.

Have you heard about such a term as SEO-optimization? Give a little talk about what it is to build an analogy. Translating this abbreviation into Russian, it means “Optimizing [the website] for search engines”, this is a set of measures aimed at ensuring that your website has the best positions in search engine results for certain queries. For example, you decided to sell Soviet cameras via the Internet. How do people find out about your offer? Differently, maybe from friends, maybe from advertising, but including, they will get on your site by typing in Yandex or Google “Buy Soviet Camera”. And you are interested in the search engine giving the address of your site in response to this request. To do this, you spend some work, which is called SEO.

One aspect of SEO is optimizing your site’s text for key requests. Roughly speaking, you need to use the keyword (for example, “Soviet cameras”) in the text on the site a certain number of times so that the search robot (the search engine program that scans your site, determining its subject matter) “understands” that your web resource is dedicated to this topic, rather than searching for missing pets, and determined for him a place in the search results for the relevant user requests.

Also resume, try to use in it a certain number of keywords, according to which, HR-ry will understand that you can approach this job! Do you think they read into every resume? A mass of these documents pass through them every day, will they be carefully read by everyone? They can also be “lazy”, and they are likely to read it diagonally. Therefore, make sure their eyes catch on what they are looking for. I will give an example. You want to get a job “Analyst in stock”, this specialist is required to optimize the work of the warehouse, that is, somewhere there is some kind of warehouse and the company is looking for someone who could organize the processes in this area so that everything goes faster, more efficient and cost less money. What are the keywords? This is “optimization” and “warehouse”. HR-rom was given the task of finding such an employee.