“Fourplay” is without a single dull moment

Fourplay is an exciting series of four newly written one act plays performed at Studio 58. This review is for Program B, which included the two plays: Freedom 56’ and Ain’t: The Musical.   These phenomenally written stories had the audience both on the edge of their seats in awe and uncontrollably laughing. With such contrasting yet complimentary plays, the performances were captivating from beginning to end. Although the set was 2 hours, it flew by like no time.

Freedom 56′ is a dark story of the Soviet occupation of Hungary, following a family’s desperation, longing, and tension. Throughout this play there is abstract movement, tight fight choreography, and a much passion brought from the actors. It was absolutely captivating.

Freedom56 - Isaac Mazur as Halász & Michelle Morris as Mother_preview-1.jpg

Photo by Emily Cooper

Ain’t: The Musical is a charming musical about the struggles and triumphs leading to the creation of the Merriam Webster’s dictionary.   Extremely truthful, endearing, but also unique characters made the story completely lovable. Musical performances were exceptional. Specifically Marguerite Hanna’s performance as “Deedee” was remarkable due to her impressive vocals and flawless comedic timing.

Ain't - l to r - Marguerite Hanna as DeeDee, Emily Jane King as Betty & Mallory James as Anne_preview.jpg

Photo by Emily Cooper

For a college production, Fourplay Program B was stupendous. It proved to be a wonderful night full of drama and fun.

Fourplay is at Studio 58 at Langara College and tickets are available here.

Did we get something wrong? Email us.

Photos by: Emily Cooper


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