“Butcher” is not for the faint of heart

From March 20-31, The Cultch is excited to present Butcher, a play by one of Canada’s most thrilling writers, Nicolas Billon.

Butcher_poster-1.jpgAnd what could be more thrilling than an old man showing up at a Toronto police station with a business card impaled on a butcher’s hook around his neck with the words “Arrest Me”. Inspector Lamb of the Toronto Police begins an investigation into the man’s identity and brings together the lives of 4 people – a translator, a lawyer, the stranger, and the inspector.

Butcher draws from chilling accounts of civil conflict in Rwanda and Bosnia, creating a play with themes of revenge, forgiveness, and justice.

Butcher is directed by Kevin McKendrick and stars Peter Anderson, Lindsey Angell, Noel Johansen, and Daryl Shuttleworth. It is produced by the aptly named “Prime Cuts Collective”.

For tickets and more information, click here.



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