Salt-Water Moon is effortlessly breathtaking

I didn’t leave the theatre tonight cheering and shouting like I frequently do. I fell silent and when asked how I felt, I replied that I felt pleasantly dreamy. Not being descriptive enough I elaborated: “I am just, so happy.”

11. Mayko Nguyen and Kawa Ada- Joseph Michael Photography.jpg

Mayko Nguyen as Mary Snow & Kawa Ada as Jacob Mercer

Salt-Water Moon is a Canadian Classic, written by David French. I know it’s been produced a bunch of times near me, but I hadn’t seen it until tonight.

I’m surprised because the dialect is thick, and at first, the Newfoundland Old English is hard to understand. It takes me a few minutes to begin fully understanding, but when I do, the writing is brilliant. It is simple and funny and well paced.

The set is minimal, it is thirty or so floating candles. The costumes are elegant and present day. The props are mimed. Actors Kawa Ada and Mayko Nguyen dance around them effortlessly while Ania Soul’s breathtaking voice and guitar accompany their delivery of the story. The production is stripped down to nothing but human voices, bodies, music and light. It’s simply two human beings in a simple, Canadian town, recovering simple, Canadian love.

Director Ravi Jain has made this seem so easy. Nothing stands out because everything is so real. It is full of warmth that is so seldom seen on Vancouver stages. I am moved and so full of appreciation for the team of artists who created this masterpiece. I am grateful to the actors for bearing their souls to audiences across Canada. I applaud Factory Theatre and Ravi Jain for their selection of a POC cast.

Salt-Water Moon runs at the Gateway Theatre, February 15th-24th, 2018.

Click here for tickets & more information.


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