Gateway Theatre presents “Salt-Water Moon”

SaltWater Moon

Photo by Joseph Michael

It’s 1926, in Coley’s Point, Newfoundland, and a young man named Jacob Mercer has returned from the big city of Toronto, to reclaim his childhood sweetheart Mary Snow. Under a star-filled sky, the former lovers fight, flirt and finally confront their tangled emotional history, as well as a possible future.

Visionary director Ravi Jain and talented performers Kawa Ada (Jacob) and Mayko Nguyen (Mary) discover essential and universal truths in this unique reimagining of French’s timeless love story. The brilliant addition of a musician/narrator Ania Soul, who sings David French’s stage directions, opens up the possibility for the audience to visualize the setting in their own individual fashion. The result is an extraordinary convergence of narrative, image and emotion that beautifully captures the power and resonance of the story. “I am delighted to showcase this extraordinary director’s work here at Gateway,” says Artistic Director Jovanni Sy. “Ravi has taken one of the great playsfrom the Canadian canon and interpreted it into something that pays homage to its past and yet feels exactly right for today.”

Director Ravi Jain’s stunning new interpretation of David French’s Canadian classic Salt-Water Moon rediscovers the raw beating heart at the centre of the story through a minimalist interpretation.

Salt-Water Moon runs at Gateway Theatre from February 15 – 24th. Tickets and more information available here.

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