Snaps for “Legally Blonde”!

a40w5849Presented by Align Entertainment at the Michele J. Fox Theatre, Legally Blonde The Musical is a smash hit! Book by Heather Hach and Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nelle Benjamin, Legally Blonde fallows the wonderful story of Elle Woods.

This show begins with a bubbly overture as musical director, Clare Wyatt and the orchestra transport the audience into the world of Legally Blonde. The certain rises to uncover the outside of the Delta Nu sorority house and the sound of sorority sisters babbling with glee! The opening number, “Ohmigod You Guys” sets the bar high with loads of energy from the cast and narrative choreography by the talented Nicol Spinola. This was defiantly one the highlights of the show.

My first impression of Brian Ball’s set design was that it was dull and colourless – boy was I wrong! As soon as Robert Sondergaard’s lighting design came into play, the two creations worked together in perfect harmony and truly brought this musical to life. Throughout the show I was extremely impressed with how simple, yet wonderful the designs were. These creative choices also worked in collaboration to make director Chad Matchette’s staging extremely effective.

As act one proceeded, the energy that was present in the opening number began to dip. Jenn Suratos as Paulette brought it right back and stole the show as she sang her heart out in “Ireland”. Julia Ullrich as Elle and Victor Hunter as Emmett also delivered solid performances.

Besides being a fun loving musical, Legally Blonde is also a truly inspirational and heartwarming story that takes up the theme of never letting stereotypes define you.

An Align Entertainment Inc. production on stage at the Michael J. Fox Theatre (7373 Macpherson Ave, Burnaby) until February 17. Click here for tickets and information.


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