“SHIT”: Beautiful, Important, & At Times Hard to Watch

SHIT is a provocative story of three women on the margins of society, struggling with poverty and prejudice. The actors performed authentically and from the heart. Due to this, at times it was difficult to watch.

As the name infers, SHIT is full of grime and raunch. However it’s not what was expected. The show delves into many honest, touching aspects of the three main character’s lives, Sam, Billy and Bob. It made audience members contemplate the past, the future, and actively engaging them from beginning to end. The themes go to a dark place fast, and the three actresses’ honest performances seemed to catapult the audience into an even darker place.

All three actresses were astounding, and captivating. The production heavily reliance on the actor, as there was little set, lighting and sound. Their performance grabbed everyone’s attention with crisp delivered lines and a dynamic use of the simplistic stage. Every movement, every moment of contact, and every scene shift was utterly significant. Bob, played by Sharon Crandall had a particularly impressive performance due to her deliverance of truth in such challenging scenes.

Overall the performance was incredibly well acted and thought-provoking.  SHIT is performed at the Firehall Arts Centre and tickets are available here.

SHIT_production image1_Yoshie-Kayla-Sharon_credit Emily Cooper_preview



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