Inside/Out: An Intimate Look at a Life Behind Bars


Neworld Theatre’s Inside/Out is the jarring, yet delicate story of an ex-criminal and his time living in and out of prison. Patrick Keating delivers an important performance that breaks our assumptions around criminals and the lives they lead. Keating’s story is presented simply, with minimal set and sound, and this proves to be effective, as it allows the writing to be of focus.

Keating’s performance is unique in it’s intimacy and honesty. He tells his own story and re-lives some of the best and worst moments of his life. Through his careful exposure, the audience is taken on a unpredictable journey, full of poetic lines, witty jokes, and blunt honesty. Keating proves himself over and over to be a strong performer and perhaps an even stronger writer.

The stage is chillingly empty, apart from a single chair. This, along with the clearly defined square of light, adds to the feeling of isolation and leaves Keating as the primary focus. Lighting designer Jaylene Pratt effectively creates an atmosphere that adds to the story without distracting from it. Many times the lighting played a subtle, but crucial role in transitioning between scenes and signifying a change in the plot.

Inside/Out is a gift to the audience and a valuable lesson. Through the personal stories of addiction, fear, friendship, loneliness, and strength, Keating cracks open our hearts and questions what notions we have of people behind bars.

Inside/Out runs January 17th -21st, as part of the Vancouver Push Festival | Tickets: $39 | Venue: Performance Works

More information here.




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