Taiwan’s Legend Lin Dance Theatre makes Canadian debut with “The Eternal Tides”

On February 3rd, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and TAIWANfest will present The Eternal Tides at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.


Photo by Chin Cheng-Tsai

Legend Lin Dance Theatre was founded by Artistic Director Lin Lee-Chen in 1995. Since then, she has been creating dance that reflects Taiwan’s unique spirit using “age-old rituals, customs and ceremonial rites”. The company has produced internationally acclaimed shows that have seen the National Stages of Taiwan, France, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia. Lin describes The Eternal Tides as “a tribute to water: the ocean that encloses the island of Taiwan, and the cycle of renewal it is part of.”

About the presenters: PuSh Fest has become internationally respected for it’s boundary-pushing theatre, film, and dance presentations since it’s incarnation in 2003, and will be presenting in several Vancouver venues January 15th – February 4th. As for TAIWANfest, an acclaimed local festival, the team has always been committed to presenting contemporary and relevant performances from Taiwan. This co-presentation will be a triumph for both parties.

Join me on February 3rd at 8:00pm, to witness Legend Lin Dance Theatre’s one-night-only spectacular: the show that is being called “an adventure in beauty unlike anything seen before on the PuSh stage.”

Choreography and Visual Design by Lin Lee-Chen, Lighting Design by Cheng Kuo-Wang, Costume Design by Wang Chia-Hui.

For tickets and more information about PuSh Festival, click here.

To learn more about TAIWANfest, click here.


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