PuSh Festival presents “Inside/Out”

In January, the PuSh festival will once again bring boundary-pushing contemporary performing arts to Vancouver. The 2018 includes an astounding 28 pieces, including 20 main stage shows.

Opening on January 17th, Inside/Out will run at Performance Works on Granville Island.


Intelligent, articulate and gentle, actor Patrick Keating has been a mainstay of Vancouver’s independent theatre scene for years—not the kind of guy who leaps to mind when you hear the word “criminal.” You’d be hard pressed to imagine him robbing a bank, but that’s exactly what he once did, and in this enthralling production he breaks down his years as a repeat offender. His story is harrowing, but laced with wit and plenty of hard-earned wisdom.

This is a show in the finest tradition of the prison memoir—as riveting as fiction, but with the authenticity of documentary. Your notions of criminality will be shaken, perhaps broken altogether: with humility and integrity, Keating stands before us as the violation of a stereotype. Whether romanticized or vilified, lawbreakers play a central role in our social narrative, but rarely do we get to hear them speak for themselves.


The PuSh Festival is known for its high-calibre performances, and Inside/Out will be no exception.

A talkback will follow every performance. For tickets and more information, click here.

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