Metro Theatre presents “Cinderella”

In accordance with December tradition, Vancouver’s theatres are now filled with the silly merriment of Christmas Pantomimes. One of the must-see pantos of the season, as always, is that of the Metro Theatre.

With plenty of catchy musical numbers and considerable audience participation, Metro Theatre’s Cinderella is the story of how an underdog uses her courage to go after what she wants. The classic glass slipper fairytale is transported to our technology driven world by a take charge Cinderella in sneakers, embracing her girl power, never allowing her wicked stepmother or stepsisters to deflate her happiness, or worrying about the stroke of midnight.

Director Mike Mackenzie says “We have taken the classic story of Cinderella that everyone knows, and given it a modern twist with a strong, confident woman who does not need a male to “complete” her instead wanting a partner to compliment her personality and ideals.  Exploring the piece in the times we live in, with local topical references continues the Metro Theatre decades old tradition of witty pantomimes that delight.”

Metro Theatre’s Cinderella opens December 15th. Tickets and more information available here.


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