“The Realistic Joneses”: Weird In The Best Way

The Realistic Joneses at the Cultch is a weird show following characters facing mortality and the inevitable, in a very authentic way.  The story follows the lives of two couples, both named “Jones”. Although the style takes a moment to warm up to, once it gets going, divulgence into the captivating storyline is easy.  The play went by quickly and gets the audience on their toes, analyzing what is going on. The dynamic shifts between the four characters depending on who was on stage and when was engaging. The Realistic Joneses encompasses the hardship of our lives, strangely yet humanly.
In scenes with only two actors thrived. The balance is strong, and the dialogue is interesting. But at times in group scenes, things seemed rushed and hard to keep up with. The character execution is accurate and with minimal set the actors do a great job painting images.
Production for this piece is great. The set is very suitable for the piece and pushes focus to the actors. The sound is fantastic, completely sweeping the audience into the world right from the beginning. The purposeful lighting adds to the images presented. The props appear tedious for the actors, and to a point unnecessary. Most things are not mimed giving the actors a big challenge. Several set changes are lengthy and disorganized, and at times it is awkward to watch. Yet, the fabulous storyline and execution make up for these weaknesses.
The Realistic Joneses is thought-provoking, vulnerable and beautiful for its storyline and execution. The Realistic Joneses plays at The Cultch in the Vancity Culture Lab from Dec. 7-17, and tickets can be bought here!
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