Beautiful and moving: “Almost, Maine”


Almost, Maine is a charming, beautifully put together piece. The famous play shows a sequence of love stories.  Through this sequence of short scenes the play presents abstract and literal ideas, easy for all to relate.  With smooth transitions, and a wonderful cast of dynamic performers, there was never a dull moment.

The actors brought incredible truth and authenticity to the performance. All performers are so vulnerable and intimate allowing each story to come to life. It was a roller coaster of emotions. These artists seemed to know exactly how to tug the heartstrings of each individual audience member, and it was riveting to witness. Not only was the play full of emotion, it was hilarious. Due to the characters sincerity, genuineness, and impeccable comedic timing the play seemed to constantly bring the audience to rigorous laughter.   With an ensemble cast, Giovanni Mocibob specifically stood out through his bold yet honest choices and emotional dynamic between different characters.

The music is cheerful, the set is absolutely alluring, and the use of props is fascinating.   The alley stage setup gave a feeling of intimateness and community, perfect for the storyline. The set and props are completely painted white, giving an icy cold feeling, which is great for a winter Maine setting. Dangling from the ceiling was a variety of household items also painted white.  This creates an illusion of the objects hovering in mid-air.   The set stands as a piece of fine art by itself.   Overall this production is enthralling and seamlessly well-done.

Almost, Maine runs until Dec 16 at the Pacific Theatre. Tickets can be purchased here.

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