Event: Fear of the Unknown

Improvised Edgar Allan Poe Meets Your Fears

The murmur of a heartbeat. The ragged intake of breath. A hand grasps for something unnamed.

fearoftheunknown.pngInspired by the work of 19th century gothic horror writer, Edgar Allan Poe, FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN is a deluge of the macabre. Taking true stories of terror from the audience, the ensemble will entrap you in a warped world that is the embodiment of your own fear.

FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN aims to honour and explore the real-life fears that we as humans hold. Using heightened language, choral speech, and theatrical staging, the cast will take inspiration from Poe’s short stories, and weave for you a bone-chilling narrative sure to put you in the Halloween spirit. This isn’t your typical improv show with costumes!

FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN was originally produced at Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, and later at Improvention in Canberra, Australia.

Featuring Nathania Bernabe, Alistair Cook, Curt Da Silva, Josephine Hendrick, Ellen MacNevin, Briana Rayner, Amy Shostak, Zach Wolfman

Directed by Amy Shostak
Music by Corey Schmitt
Photography by Brad Duffy
Graphics by Julia Lank

October 26, 27 & 28 at The Havana Theatre, presented by Instant Theatre. 8pm. $10. Get your tickets here!


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