Merely Players

Event: “Fistful of Kicks” by Instant Theatre

A long time ago, before East met West. When the modern world wasn’t so modern. In a far away land across the Pacific Ocean, there was one path, one way, one truth – kung fu. Join us for Fistful of Kicks, our improvised kung fu adventure! Mashing up all of your favourite martial arts movies of yesteryear, this show will bring you all of the hard hitting fight scenes together with our signature epic storytelling for one helluva show. It’s going to be one half comedy, one half kickassery, one half adventure, for three halves of amazing show that you won’t want to miss.

Instant Theatre presents an improvised kung fu adventure, all made up before your very eyes!

Cast: Curt Da Silva, Nathania Louise Bernabe (Stunt Coordinator), Vivian Tang, Carla Mah, Kai Rudell, Kia Rae, Travis Bernhardt, Alex Ho, Brigitte May

Date: October 6th, 10:30 PM | Venue: Havana Restaurant, Commercial Drive | Tickets: $10