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Ain’t True and Uncle False: Best $14 I’ve Ever Spent.

Paul Strickland’s show Ain’t True and Uncle False is a whimsical journey through a trailer park, and the stories of the people who live within it. Strickland addresses the audience directly, in both poetically written monologues and quirky jokes. There are even times when he pulls out his guitar and tells us the story in the form of song. I can’t say that I’ve seen a piece quite like this, in the Fringe, or ever. Strickland’s beautiful and thought provoking writing literally had the audience sighing in admiration. This paired with his specific physicality and engaging voice led to a truly delightful performance. Strickland’s story telling ability is something special to witness. Seriously, don’t miss it!

Ain’t True and Uncle False plays until September 16th, as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Tickets: $14 | Venue: Performance Works