SAOR is Hilarious, Quirky, and Full of Life.

SAOR is a high energy, witty story of a young woman and a life-changing journey. Carlyn Rhamey tells us funny and thought provoking stories about everything from traveling in the U.K and meeting guys, to underwear mishaps and her talking ovaries. SAOR starts with Rhamey creating a list for the audience of the 5 major problems with her life, and then continues to address these issues matter-a-factly and comedically. Eventually she takes us on her travels in Ireland and Scotland, through a combination of stand-up-type explanations and short monologues. What we get as an audience is a fast-paced, and totally engaging, one woman show that explores the power of travel and the meaning of freedom. Rhamey is consistent in her absurd humour, and presents honest talent and energy throughout the entire piece. SAOR proves that one person’s simple story can be deeply meaningful, and also hilarious.

SAOR runs until September 17th, as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Tickets $14 | Venue: Studio 1398



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