Almost a Stepmom: Intriguing Story, Extraordinary Acting.

Almost a Stepmom is a truly amazing piece. The talented and energetic Keara Barnes tells her story of love, family, fear, and loss. She does this with nearly no set, no other actors, and while playing four different characters, often who are all in the same scene. While crisply transitioning between them, she embodies the characters of two very different women, a man, and a small child, with believable physicality and astounding specificity. The show is also performed in a small space (seating 30 people), which adds an engaging intimacy. Throughout the piece I was both enthralled in the exciting story and astonished (almost shocked?) by Barnes’ commitment and skill. I would especially recommend this piece to actors, as it is a truly great execution of a difficult piece. Go see it now!

Almost a Stepmom plays until September 17th, as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Tickets $14|Venue: ArtsUmbrella


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