“7 Ways to Die, a Love Story” is an entertaining ride

7 Ways to Die, a Love Story wordlessly tells the tale of a bashful artist in love with the suicidal woman living across from his apartment. The artist teams up with fate to comically thwart the woman’s deadly aspirations over and over again.

Wearing large, expressive masks, the cast does a superb job at silently portraying the artist’s excruciating shyness and the woman’s obsession with a theatrical end to her life. However, these performances are undercut by a lack of technical tightness that interfered with the immersion. The invisible parts of the set, established by mime, were occasionally breached during the more intense scenes and sound effects regularly did not synchronize with the performers’ actions. In addition, the play suffered from a repetitive plot. At times, the show felt less like a story and more like a series of sketches revolving around the same premise.

The play flourished, however, in individual moments of laugh-out-loud dark comedy, and captivating twists that had the audience surprised again and again. While you may not take much away from watching 7 Ways to Die, a Love Story, you will certainly have enjoyed an entertaining sixty minutes.

7 Ways to Die, a Love Story runs September 7 – 17 as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Tickets: $14 | Location: Studio 16 | Website

Review by Aoife McAndless-Davis

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