Event: End of the Rainbow

First Impressions Theatre in Deep Cove presents a play about Judy Garland with original music by Peter Quilter. Rainbow-website.jpg

End of The Rainbow is a true account of the last “comeback” of Judy Garland at the twilight of her career and as it turns out, her all too short life, and it’s revealing in a way seldom found in the tabloids. See that perilous bipolar energy that so often animates great performers. Touch this woman at your own risk. She burns … every chapter of Garland’s history is alive; she is foul mouthed, flirtatious, erotic, childlike, unedited, manipulative and supremely self-conscious as she makes love and war with her lovers and keepers. Judy has a strong sense of herself as a human tragedy on a world stage, but her sense of humour, of the absurdity of it all is just as sharp and appallingly funny … and then … she sings. And all those disparate elements coalesce into a coherent riveting whole … Sometimes!

End of the Rainbow is directed by Claude A. Giroux and runs from August 31 – September 16.

Tickets: $25 | Location: Deep Cove Shaw Theatre | Website


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