Theatre of the Week: August 20 – 27

Here are our top picks for this week on Vancouver stages! Do you know of a play that should be featured? Send us a message at

A Chorus Line at Fighting Chance Productions

A darkened theatre, a gruelling audition and a ensemble of dancers praying for a job. Multi-award winning A Chorus Line tells the story of the gypsies of the Broadway stage. When the director asks each of them a simple question “who are you?” their stories meld together through song, dance and story to provide them and the audience with an audition process unlike any of them have ever experienced. While not all will join the line, none will leave the same as they came in.

Fighting Chance Productions is holding an ASL performance of A Chorus Line on August 25th.

Tickets: $25-$40 | Dates: August 18 – September 2 | Location: Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island | Website

Good Egg at Firehall Arts Centre

Responsible Meg has always taken care of her younger brother Matt, who has a disorder. But when she decides to get pregnant — and have her embryos screened for various disorders — is she taking the idea of “being responsible” too far? A funny and surprising play about bioethics, siblings, and the limits of unconditional love.

good egg promo

Good Egg stars Brooke Walter and Robert Allan Hughes

Good Egg was written by Dorothy Fortenberry and is directed by Hans Potter. It runs August 22nd – 26th, 2017.

Tickets: $15 – $30 | Location: Firehall Arts Centre | Website

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