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Event: Love’s Labour’s Lost


Love’s Labour’s Lost at Alchemy Theatre Ensemble and Vagabond Players

This classic Shakespeare play, though one of the less commonly produced in his canon, is one of the loveliest lyrical masterpieces of Shakespeare’s time. With delightful verse, a silly and charming plot, and plenty of laughs, Love’s Labour’s Lost should be seen on stages constantly.

The plot? In order to dedicate themselves to a life of study, the King and his friends take an oath to avoid the company of women for three years. No sooner have they made their idealistic pledge than the Princess of France and her ladies-in-waiting arrive, presenting the men with a severe test of their high-minded resolve. Shakespeare’s delightful romantic comedy is an unabashed celebration of innocence, idealism, and the sweet folly of young love.

Love’s Labour’s Lost is directed by Matthew Davenport. It stars Isaac Li as the King, Emily Wheeler as the Princess, and features Matt Paynter, Derek Schnobb, Shawn Hillman, Casey Por, Matthew McCarron, Claire Temple, Junita Thiessen, Kelsey Cunningham, Hollie Emerick, Alyssa Hanson-Smith, Blake Kimber, and Kurtis Maguire.

It closes on August 27th, 2017.

Tickets: $15 | Location: Bernie Legge Theatre, New Westminster | Website