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Vancouver Fringe releases program

Ah, the fringe. Days of theatre, nights of parties, and every sight imaginable all on Granville Island. Those 10 days are probably the busiest the Public Market sees each year. 

On Thursday, July 27th, the Vancouver Fringe Festival released its long awaited program guide to the Fringe Festival. As any past Fringers know, this is no ordinary program. The newspaper-sized orange book features a schedule of every Fringe show this year, descriptions of them all, and an insider look at all the special events happening on and around Granville Island.

So settle down, grab a highlighter, and open that program. Here are some tips for making the most of your Fringe experience:

  1. Do your research. If you really want to cram in the plays, you’re going to have to do your research. Shows that are more popular will sell out first, so you’ll want to see them earlier in the run, or at least get your tickets in advance. Look up reviews of shows that have been to past festivals, or check out the artists’ previous credits to see how popular they’ll likely be.
  2. Plan ahead. Showing up on Granville Island and looking around for something to see works if you don’t care about maximising your time, but if you want to see the most and the best, you’ll have to make a schedule.
  3. Spend a day off-island. If you’re taking “fringing” seriously, you’ll be spending most of your time on Granville Island. But there are great shows at other venues too! Make sure you leave yourself a day to check out shows at the Cultch, Havana, and Firehall Arts Centre. They’re often very worth the trip!
  4. Take some risks. It’s not a fringe festival if you don’t see something that could be absolutely terrible, and who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a hidden gem.

The Vancouver Fringe Festival runs on and around Granville Island from September 7th-17th.


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