Teens Dive into Classic Teen Love Story with Romeo and Juliet

When we think “star-crossed lovers” of course we all think Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare’s masterpiece has been produced countless times with every interpretation imaginable, but this summer the Teen Shakespeare Program at Carousel Theatre takes us back to the basics.

At its very core, Romeo and Juliet is about teenagers trying to live in a confusing, mixed up world. Who better to portray this story of youthful love than 15 teenagers? That’s right. This production reminds us just how young Romeo and Juliet actually were when they met, married, and died (all in the span of 3 days). Perhaps seeing Juliet played by an actual 14-year-old will remind audiences just how tragic this story really is.


Maggie Stewart and Finnegan Howes in Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Emily Jane King

Each summer, members of the Teen Shakespeare Program at Carousel Theatre for Young People rehearse and perform a Shakespeare play in a professional setting. After four weeks of rehearsal, they move to public performances at Performance Works’ outdoor stage on Granville Island. Actor, director and theatre educator Mike Stack leads a talented cast of 15 teen actors, ages 13-18. Romeo and Juliet features 17-year-old Finnegan Howes and 14-year-old Maggie Stewart in the title roles, along with Atticus Cseh, Aijaz Karim, Amitai Heyl, Bronwen Bente, Daisy Hulme, Fiona Goldberg, Fox Mutual, Julia Pante, Lucy Layton, Pascale LaRiviere, Saige MacKenzie, Sofia Day, and Simon Wilcox.

Romeo and Juliet runs July 28-August 12 at Performance Works outdoor stage. The show will be moved inside in bad weather. The play is FREE but you can reserve a seat for $5.


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