What is a evresume

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Hello, I welcome you on the page of the next article from the Anti-HR cycle (Main article of the cycle: how to successfully complete the job interview). Here we will talk about how to correctly create a resume for work. Following the topics of the Anti-HR series, I’ll talk about tricks that will make your resume more attractive to a potential employer. How to correctly create a resume for work

I will explain how to create a resume without experience, how to “draw” this experience for yourself, I’ll talk about what points you can exaggerate, and where you shouldn’t do it and what words are better to use to get the attention of the HR-ra and so that became interested in you and invited you to an interview. I will also touch upon the consideration of typical mistakes when making a resume. In this article I will build on the most common, in my opinion, mistakes in creating a resume and tell you how to avoid them. What should be a resume? I will not touch upon the formal aspects of writing a summary, for example, what should be the font and what should be the paragraphs, so much material on this topic. And within the framework of the Anti-HR cycle, I got used to talking about what is not usually concerned with such sensitive questions as, for example, is it possible to lie at an interview. Therefore, I will not delve into the obvious things, I will touch on them only briefly, and I will tell you in more detail about something that hardly anyone will tell you about.

Next, I will list a number of formal requirements for resume writing. Structure First of all, a resume should meet a specific structure. Everything should be laid out on the shelves, this aspect should be approached with all care. It is necessary that all the main sections are present, such as education, key skills, past jobs, recommendations, etc. Do not be lazy to fill it all: the extra hour spent during the drafting of the resume is more than pay off in the future, because what job you find depends on your resume. Here I will not go deep into the question of the requirements for the structure, since the topic is a bit different, I can only say that your resume should meet these requirements. In addition, there are now many job search portals, and these online services provide you with a ready-made resume form, you just have to fill it out. So everything has become easier. Concrete

The summary should be specific. It is not necessary to fill it with only general phrases, it must quite definitely answer the questions: what did you do before? What are your achievements? What exactly are they? What are your key skills, etc. Only general phrases can create the impression that you are trying to disguise your lack of experience or practical knowledge.