How to list education on resume

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There are certain recommendations regarding style summary It should be made clear, not very large, but and not in small print (the most successful Times new roman the size 12-14 points). Donot make many selections in the text, limiting only subtitles, like “Place of residence” or “Education”. In this case, it should be better bold rather than italic or under 7 scribbling And no frames and exotic characters! Use good paper for your resume, check it out a bit. times for grammatical and syntactic errors and not very trust the computer editor. Leave wide fields on interviewer notes. If you are sending a resume by e-mail, please refer to mania on the requirement of the employer that you need to write in the column eleven How to make a resume “Topic of the letter”. If there is none, then in this column in any case 

The format of the attached file is to choose from two options: .rtf or .doc and it would be preferable to issue it in the last option. Do not include the bulky file and do not include it. “Heavy” design elements. Not worth it and archive nested7 file, forcing the manager to spend time unpacking it. If you prefer to attach additional letters to the letter. deniya (copies of certificates, certificates of completion of courses, etc.), attach them as a separate file. Let the personnel officer himself choose which it is the information from the applications that is most interesting to him. With this file with each addition, let’s give the name of the document, which The second will be offered. Your behavior during the interview should not differ from the behavior7 during any business meeting: be punctual, correct, polite, attentive, turn off the phone beforehand so that no star7 

Nok could not interfere with your conversation. An important role can play image. Even if your resume is completely convincing, you will Excellent to answer questions, give good results during the test tirovat and seem to the employer quite a pleasant person, but show up for an interview in clothes that do not match your will7 position, you do not need to wonder why you otka7 flooded in work. Remember: any job involves business style, and if we are talking about what to choose for an interview, then it is the clothes, meets its requirements, can be considered the most acceptable. 
When answering questions, try to keep within a few minutes. This is 7 It is enough to tell youimportant information about yourself. But at Of course, consider this: your answers must be complete. Monosyllabic “yes” and “no” will leave an impression of you as a person, not able to explain their point of view. Avoid slang, watch out for the correctness of your speech.